20 Incredible Underwater Photographs

20 Incredible Underwater Photographs

Whether it’s with animals, fish or humans, underwater photography is a skill that few are able to perfect. Not only is it necessary to learn to scuba-dive, snorkel and of course swim in order to battle the elements, in some instances the photographer can face some pretty hair-raising moments with some of the oceans fiercest … Continue reading

The Best of National Geographic’s Photo of the Day 2012

Best of National Geographic's Photo of the Day

Throughout the years, the National Geographic has showcased a plethora of breathtaking photographs from across the globe. On browsing through this year’s Photo of the Day albums, we at Business Boom decided to shortlist 35 of our favourite shots to date. Feast your eyes on these stunning examples! Missed any out? Feel free to post … Continue reading

Striking Architecture: 15 Product-Shaped Buildings that Catch the Eye

15 Product-shaped Buildings that catch the eye

Although the vast majority of us work and reside in buildings that are, say, less than spectacular, modern architecture is taking a new twist and breath taking constructions are sprouting in cities across the world. I guarantee, however, that the buildings in this list will make you look twice for their own unique reasons. Here … Continue reading

20 Amazing Examples of Street Art

20 examples of street art

As we all know, art comes in many shapes and sizes and there are simply no limits to express one’s creativity. Wherever your location, it is likely that you’ll have seen some form of street art, whether it be small doodles on the pavement or spectacular examples of graffiti say, on the side of trains or across … Continue reading

Stunning Digital and Traditional Art by Joe Murtagh

Digital and Traditional Artist Joe Murtagh

This afternoon we feature an talented artist with a difference. Joe Murtagh is an imaginative artist living in Liverpool, whose high-energy work is a contemporary combination of the digital and the traditional. Joe’s art education was traditional enough, studying Art & Design on a two year BTEC course, then a Fine Art Degree, where he finally focused on being a figurative sculptor, working … Continue reading

20 Incredible High-Speed Photographs

High Speed Photography Display

In modern society there’s truly a great number of mind-blowing photographic techniques that rarely fail to inspire. Here, we have chosen to showcase to you some incredible stills of the technique of high-speed photography. From smashing bottles to splashing droplets, these ‘frozen’ shots allow us to enjoy and digest images that are usually too fast … Continue reading

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