Sports, Dance and Creative Photography with Craig O’Hara

We have another brilliant photography showcase for you this morning involving the North West’s Craig O’Hara. Having tried his hand at a number of fields in the world of photography, Craig is now using his creativity to create unique images for groups and individuals alike. 

“I am a professional photographer based in Manchester. My background has been anything from Portraits to PR but I have recently begun to focus more on sports , dance and creative photography, using high speed flash units such as Elinchrom Strobes in studio or flash shutter speeds on location to freeze action.

My current campaign called “passion in motion” is aimed at capturing sportsmen and women in action and sometimes for more environmental portraits. Here are some examples of my recent work, including pictures with professional rugby player Stuart Reardon.

Professional Rugby Player Stuart Reardon

Martial arts expert Krys, taken in Morecambe bay

Wrestler Jamie, done by backlighting smoke through Roof beams

Stockport-based sprinter Callum Mclean 

Craig O’Hara Dance Photography

I find Dance photography one of the most rewarding as I love it when I can freeze action. I especially love it when I get dancers who make such beautiful shapes as Ben. I am also working on Elaborate Fashion composites and beauty shoots with Manchester based Make up artist and stylist Zan Atkinson of

Model Shots: Dani and Jess

I also have my own projects on the go and am currently collaborating with Martin Shenton of Regent Park Studios, which is a stunt school in Morecambe. The project is based on warriors and fighters.

Natasha: Regent Park Studios

We have a lot of ideas and shoots planned for this project and at the next sessions will be using Martins stunt techniques to get more action shots with falling, climbing, explosives, weapons and more filmic styling.”

Check out the full Craig O’Hara Portfolio and be sure to follow him on Facebook and his Blog.

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