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We start this week’s features with emerging creative and design enthusiast Louise McLachlan. Based in Manchester, Louise is now concentrating on her start-up business Luccicare Boutique which specialises in creating wonderful bespoke jewellery and accessories. Here’s more from Louise herself and where you can follow her online:

“Since 2001, I have been building up experience and knowledge through art & design fields. Very passionate about art in all forms & enjoy working with mixed media, my guilty pleasure is for anything crafty. I have a ridiculous horde of bits and bobs from my travels that I aim to incorporate into accessories. I enjoy moving between all areas in the art world as I don’t like to pin my work down to one specific field, thus rendering it static & risk losing its vibrancy. As far as motivation goes I push myself to find new and exciting methods or techniques that I can utilise to my advantage.

All pieces feature traditional techniques with a contemporary flavour & are visually delicate but robust. The majority of my jewellery is produced using silver & gold-plated copper wire with a large selection of glass & pearl beads. Everything is hand-made & full of character, superior to that of the reproduced industrial products. Luccicare Boutique is a brand new small business founded in 2011 and is home to hand crafted jewellery & accessories. Currently Luccicare Boutique is hosted online via which is a sister company specialising in paper crafts. Encouraging my customers to add their own spin & preferences ensures each piece is personal & as unique as the individual

My future design plans include movement into more textiles/mixed media based pieces so I can blend my wire work with fabrics & natural forms to create not only eye-catching accessories but little works of art.” 

You can contact the team at and be sure to check out the website, our folksy page, our facebook page and Twitter @Luccicareboutiq.

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