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Tom Harltey

This next post involves a Bolton-based creative with an evident skill for art and design. Tom Hartley has recently had work represented at the Bolton Open Art Exhibition and judging by the quality of his work, it’s easy to see why. Here’s an incite into the mind of the man himself and a few examples of Tom’s work:

I love digital platforms for ‘art & design’, but give me a tube of poster paint and I’m one happy chappy. I mainly work in acrylic on canvas creating pieces inspired from a vast array of influences and continually look to progress my ideas.

I studied Graphic Design, which I feel has a massive influence on my work, especially at the moment as a strong Pop Art and Illustration influence is apparent. I think this is a common ground between my desire to do fine art and at the same time my brain working in a design mode. I work freelance on design projects specialising in elaborately designed advertising.

The concept of gently closing your eyes in a calming state fascinates me, because who knows what’s under the surface? It could be dark or it could be amazingly beautiful. This theme appears regularly within my painted artwork. I tend to use striking colours and a lot of black in my work as the contrast is symbolic of two things working against each other to still create one. This is influenced by my love of comic books.

I studied at the University of Salford but my hometown is Bolton where I live and work. I am impressed by Bolton’s desire to encourage the arts and subsequently its growing art scene. To have my American Hero painting featured in Bolton Open Art Exhibition 2011-2012 was a great privilege.”

Shipwrecked Dreams (Acrylic on canvas, 70 x 100cm)

“Dreams escalate from the simplest ideas. Here, the subject dreams of the lake back home. Effervescent Koi leap from the flowing water, yet an overwhelming presence ways upon her mind and fears of a shipwreck haunt her dreams. This painting contrasts beauty with a fear of failure, resulting in a unique style.”

American Hero (Acrylic on canvas, 70 x 100cm)

“When Hollywood film crews rolled into Manchester to film the 2011 blockbuster ‘Captain America: The first Avenger’, I popped over to catch a glimpse of production. Inspired, I went home and painted this American Hero. I was, however, inclined to put a personal thought to the painting and added a dash of oil to the shield. I figured I may as well taint America’s best soldier with a lust for oil.”

Diamond & Dollars (Pen & ink, vector design – Digital Illustration)

“This is simply a tee design that pictures some of life’s mislead desires. It focuses on two sides of the coin… the good and the evil.”

The Skull Kingdom (Photography, vector design)

“The Skull Kingdom is a growing population of custom painted skull money banks produced by myself. At a good size and weight, these are perfectly evil looking penny saving skulls. This poster is design led using photography and vector design.”

Phoenix Skull (Resin Skull, acrylic paint, Approximately 5″x8″x6)

“Rising from the ashes this illustrated phoenix  glides through its own havoc and creates a cool looking skull money bank. Painted in acrylic paint”

El deseo (Pen & ink, Photoshop design)

“El deseo is desire and this tee illustrates in a tattoo style the desire of money”

You can follow the work of Tom Hartley online, on Twitter @artbytmh, and on Facebook.

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2 Responses to “Art and Design by Tom Hartley!”
  1. “evil looking penny saving skulls” – genius! 😉

  2. Genius indeed Louise! The ‘Shipwrecked Dreams’ image went down well in the office, brilliant work!

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