The Truth Behind Our Latest Fashion Blogger Nicole Hazel Broad!

Hi, my name is Nicole Hazel Broad and I am a fashion marketing student from Manchester. I became interested in fashion at a young age, and when I turned seventeen I knew it was the right career path for me. Three years later and I have completed a BTEC in Fashion & Clothing at Liverpool Community college and started university. My BTEC covered a wide range of subjects from IT and business to design and manufacture, and I decided that business is what I wanted to venture into.

My long-term ambition is to become a fashion journalist and photographer, and I have been involved in publications for the last few years through college and university. I have had a personal blog for a long time, but it is only the last few months I have become massively interested in the journalistic side of fashion. In five years time, having finished my degree, I aim to be working in a fashion publication or as a freelance journalist. But for now, gaining experience is key so a focus on my blog and publication work is essential to build a portfolio.

I have been fascinated with the retail environment for as long as I can remember. At first I think everyone presumed I was a typical young shopaholic, but to me it wasn’t all about the product. I remember being entranced with the promotions, swing tags, shop layouts and mannequins from an age when I possibly should have been oblivious. It fascinates me even more today, and even as a skint student you can’t keep me out of the town centre, checking on new arrivals and visual merchandising ventures.

Mary Portas was the woman who founded my retail obsession, and I look up to her as an inspirational character within my chosen career. Her confidence and ability to turn any retail space into a booming business I find fascinating, and I have clung to her every word for years.

Mary Portas

I have many people who inspire me creatively, and they have a lot of influence over the way in which I dress. The three main culprits would be Katy Perry, Vivienne Westwood and Alice Dellal. Depending on what mood I am in, my dress style is very eclectic, and vintage and charity shops are an environment which I thrive in. Living in Manchester, I spend most of my free time shopping in Afflecks Palace and vintage shops such as tHCOW, Pop and Ryans. The Northern Quarter feels like home to a girl like me.

Katy Perry, Video Music Awards 2010

Alice Dellal & Vivienne Westwood

In short, I am a 19-year-old student from Cheshire, studying in Manchester. I like shopping, tattoos, doodles, blogging, tigers, high heels, cameras, eyeliner and changing my hair. I have a small obsession with eco fashion which you will probably gather from a few of my posts, and I love shop windows, they fascinate me. I also love photography, so hopefully I will get the chance to show you a lot of my imagery. I hope my posts entertain, educate or at least emulate the life of a fashion student in Manchester. And above all, I hope you enjoy!

You can follow me on Twitter@NixiHB and on my personal blog

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