Fine Art Showcase: Artist Pete Marsh

It’s with great pleasure that we bring to you and showcase the work of Fine Artist Pete Marsh today. Pete has graciously given us a great overview of his experience and working road to where he is today, whilst also allowing us to show you some of his most popular pieces of artwork.

You can follow @PeteMarshArt on Twitter and Find him on his Pete Marsh Fine Art Page.

Copse Smithills

Bolton based artist Pete Marsh left paid employment in 1978 through the encouragement of a very gifted painter called Lewis Eborall and Lewis’s daughter Diane, to study at Bournville School of Art and Design. He completed his Foundation Course and then graduated in 1982 from Sheffield Polytechnic in Fine Art (Painting and Printmaking).

From 1982 to 1990 Pete painted and worked firstly in Birmingham at Ikon Gallery as Gallery Technician and later in Oldham teaching Life Drawing, Painting and History of Art in Adult Community Education.

Pete stopped painting and printmaking for almost 20 years sometime around 1990. His reasons were varied, some personal and some philosophical.

In May 2009 he underwent surgery on a shoulder injured whilst mountain biking. During his convalescence he decided to look up old friends from art college. He has since been able to re-ignite friendships but Pete was devastated to learn that his friend, Garry, had died in October 2008. These renewed contacts and the discovery of Garry’s death compelled Pete to express himself through his art and he started painting and printmaking again in September 2009. After a gap of 23 years, he is once again exhibiting and selling his work.

Pete attempts to produce not just a facsimile of what he sees, but something that expresses what he feels. He says,

“I feel my work is perceptual rather than conceptual, emotional rather than intellectual and I prefer expression over realism, subtlety over sensationalism, substance over novelty and intuition over reason. I attribute my love of landscape to hours of mountain biking and walking through the north-west Pennines. I endeavor to express something beyond visual verisimilitude.”

He continues,

“My work is a combination of “plein air” sketches and studio work using digital photographs, on the spot sketches, memory and imagination. The overriding concern is always the mood or atmosphere that I witnessed at the time. Although it is dangerous to say “never”, I never work from other people’s photographs and I almost never complete a painting without taking it back to the studio to modify.”

Pete’s studio is in a Grade II listed cotton mill in the north of Bolton. His first participation in an exhibition since his return in 2009 was in Bolton Art Gallery in the Bolton Open Art Exhibition. He has since gone on to exhibit in Newcastle, Cumbria, Ripon, Accrington, Ramsbottom, Hebden Bridge, Saddleworth, Leeds, Batley, Manchester, Stockport, Ormskirk, Sheffield, Congleton, Alfreton, New Mills, Shropshire, Birmingham, Worcester, London, Cornwall and also Bolton!

Together and Also Alone

Summer Evening on the Dean

There is a time to Turn Back

Figures in the Fog

When the Sun Warms Your Neck

Through the Open Door Etching

Visit for full updates on his work, you can also follow @PeteMarshArt on Twitter.

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