Fashion Photography with Amanda Littler

The North West is certainly home to thousands of talented creatives in the world of fashion and photography and our next feature involves someone who is very high up on the list. Amanda Littler has had her work published internationally and locally in magazines such as Professional Photographer, Practical Photography, Photoshop Creative & Radia Magazine to name a few. Here you can discover the person behind the camera as well as view some of her extensive portfolio:

“I am a north west based photographer specialising in fashion and editorial imagery. This is something I have developed throughout my time using cameras and various experiences. I remember back when I was a child I used to love the little throw away film cameras, taking pictures of family and friends, pets, positioning toys to make scenes to photograph.

We didn’t have photography classes at school but we had art, this is what I loved to study through to college which is also where I began photography classes in 2004 with a really encouraging teacher. I decided that my heart mainly lied in photography and seemed to thrive in this area of work. Fashion became something I turned my head to towards the end of college but now and again I brought back some of the art elements using digital montage.

After graduating from UCLan with a BA Hons in Photography, I started work full-time as a fashion photographer. I created scrapbooks of fashion, spending hours looking through magazines and projects on the internet and decided to bring in my practice, working in my spare time to build a portfolio on my favourite subject fashion photography. I started by entering and having published work in various photography magazines. My partner John Charles Taylor, who is also a photographer, helps me out a lot on shoots assisting as does my good friend Nic Cole who is a stylist and art director.

Recently I have worked with and photographed some great people and been to interesting places I may not have seen without having been working in the photography field, in this my work has been used locally and internationally. This is including shooting fashion in NYC, collaborations with various TV personalities which was a pleasure, also worked with Jewellery designer Carly Petitt Taylor on imagery that was used in VOGUE. Lancashire Life Magazine are soon to use a fashion editorial of mine that was based in Muncaster Castle – a beautiful building with lovely owls we were able to use.

Recently, I have being using shallow depth of field more and my little Polaroid camera as I enjoy creating whimsical/ dreamy or contrasting images. When asked why do I enjoy the type of photography I shoot, it could be said its due to being the opposite to reality. That’s why I enjoy staging my photos and working with fashion editorial looking models as a type of escapism from the real, todays problems. I focus on my own imaginings/ dream world within fashion imagery, noting down ideas I have and bring them together a project at a time.

Within the next couple of years, I look forward to expanding my portfolio even more, submitting editorials to further magazines; when I have a large body of work I would love to put on a fashion photography exhibition possibly based in the North West and London.”

Thanks Amanda for speaking to Business Boom! You can check out more of Amanda’s impressive portfolio at and on her blog at What’s more, you can follow her work on Facebook and Twitter @amandalittler.

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